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 "Red Tent" Miniseries

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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: "Red Tent" Miniseries   Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:41 am

Heavily advertised to be shown on Lifetime (womens') Channel.  Thought it was going to be about sneaky Esther but no, about Bible's little-described Dinah.  Theme of Red Tent apparently that Dinah revolted against menstrual-hut sexism.  Stars are Jew elite like Minnie Driver.  Producers probably didn't count on the mini-series coinciding with scandal of DC rabbi Freundel taking videos of young women in "Mikvah" bath.  Anyway subtext is that Jewesses are progressive..

BTW it was a famous Crypto actor, Burt Reynolds, who helped clue me in to entire Jewlywood scheme.  He married DINAH Shore despite she being rather older.  On Johnny Carson show he praised another GF, fading Jewess star Mitzi Gaynor for having awesome butt etc.  Hmm, one of biggest action movie stars of 70's/80's but he's got a weird thing for old Jewish women?  Hooked up w/mousey Sally Field?  Whatevuh!

Ms "Flying Nun" Field helped close the book on any ~positive JMSM portrayal of Catholics.  Subtext being that Catholic Christianity based on magical thinking & that her social welfare efforts only succeeded thanks to good-hearted Jewto-Rican mafia guys.

BTW Flying Nun much like Jew agit-prop laden Trouble with Angels movie about ultra-radical Liberation Theology school nuns.

Since then Catholics depicted as chomos, crazies best only useful for the occasional exorcism.
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"Red Tent" Miniseries
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