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 Jews Cover Up History of Ukraine & Russia

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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: Jews Cover Up History of Ukraine & Russia   Sun Dec 14, 2014 3:01 am

Even school textbooks & newspapers used to mention that Ukraine was "Breadbasket of Russia".  Ukraine also industrial heartland.  Kruschev both liberalized security system & culture yet JMSM claimed he was a Country Bumpkin Clown, featuring his shoe-slamming stunt in Nixon debate.  Nixon an enthusiastic opponent but even then he surely had clues to false nature of Cold War.

Old Vikings created the seed of Russia, they had long ties to Ukraine region.

Kruschev gave Crimea back to Ukraine "Republic".  After all, Kruschev had long-time connections to East Ukraine.  He boosted investment in Ukraine ag/mfg.  Kruschev approved of Solzhenitsyn & attention to Stalin-era crimes/excesses.  As with modern Putin Kruschev's effort slighted & distorted by JMSM.  Strangely London/Wall St Jews somewhat protected later Brezhnev image despite him being at center of 2nd phase of Cold War.  Jews said Brezhnev a Commie machine pol which was true enough.  But JMSM didn't further describe how Brezhnev furthered London Bankster aims, ie keeping Russia weak until Jew vultures could pick over the remains.

Wiki notes that in 1991 collapsing USSR allowed Ukraine "independence".  Odd that Wiki doesn't mention that it was idiot/tool/drunkie/traitor Yeltsin who was Russian Prez at the time.  Yeltsin in office only ~6 months before approving Ukraine breakaway.  Yeltsin sobered up long enough to pose with tanks attacking White House/Russian Parliament.  F*ck Democracy, we all knew Yeltsin was the Good Guy...Jews said Parliament was full of Old School Commies.
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Jews Cover Up History of Ukraine & Russia
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