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 Jew Jitzu Mike Rivero

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PostSubject: Jew Jitzu Mike Rivero   Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:45 pm

Rivero is totally locked on to Catholic priests while Australia uncovers Yeshiva molestation cases exposing the religion and lifestyle of Jews. A Catholic priest can be a jew too because everyone knows Jews get into positions like that to do what they do.

Yesterday I heard him chatting with Israeli's claiming that Americans are bigger Zionists than the Jew state is. Thats what happens when you let a Jew in for truth, what you thought was heading in the right direction turns around to bite you in the arse.

What Rivero and every Jew I know does in the "truth movement" is report Jew crime and then turn it around with the help of words Jews stole like "Zionist". So you see it isnt the Jews its "everyone" because Zionists can be all kinds of things. We are all guilty and Jews are just like everyone else. There is no definition of words it is all jew jibberish- if Zion is reserved for jews how can non jews be zionists (simple question)? Who is the main objective in that word (Zionists) today? Dupes are dupes, Jews are Jews and Zion has nothing to do with Ashkenazi Mongolians or Sephardic Babylonian Canaanites. Its why they steal words and when you dont stop them they use that little bit of hole to come around and hit you from the rear.

Rivero said this about people he knows did 9/11. Did Americans do that to themselves? I bet he thinks Muslims are bombing themselves too.

Rivero uses Blacks for a reason to fight the American government (every cop is a racist thug whether they be white or black but never jews are discussed as being a racist cop) to cause anarchy while he claims its "whitey" in a round about way and never pins the tail on the jew donkey by saying "Jews brought Blacks here specifically to destroy America as slaves, then started the NAACP, Affirmative Action, bussing, Hollywood filth etc etc and somehow Jews get a pass in this too.

Ladies and gentlemen, if I told you once I told you a thousand times "You cant trust a Jew" ever! Thats what all this is about from beginning to end.
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Jew Jitzu Mike Rivero
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