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 Something Stinks in Brooklyn Too

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PostSubject: Re: Something Stinks in Brooklyn Too   Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:00 am

WaltD wrote:
Personal friend of mine got pulled over after hitting a double trifecta and $60,000 in cash.
Cop asked him about it and that was it.

You have to learn how to be a man. Thats it.
Courts offer remedy IF you know HOW to do so. You neednt be bullied.

Mr. Walt we live in different countries. In my country if a burglar tries to rob my home and i kick him out, i'll get charged for harming the burglar.
And sure i've been let off the hook a couple of times by cops but that was mostly due to them not being interested in doing the paperwork.
The cops in my country have a ticket quota which they need to meet by the end of the year.. Cops don't like that quota too so they try to fullfill it as quick as possible which means the first three months of the year one better not be farting in the wrong direction.

How you are treated by cops depends on the mood of the cop. Also my physical appearance does not favor me in the eyes of a cop.
Nor does my catholic white tough guy persona favor me in a jewdicial court.
Nor does spending 300 dollar on a lawyer to get rid of a 100 dollar fine help you out.

I know many cops are frustrated by government, jewdicial system, and corrupt higher ups, who prevent them from catching some serious crooks. And this frustration may actually cause the good cops to leave the force so only the assholes remain.

And ofcourse bad experiences remain longer in memory than good ones.

-"Vidarr was easily the biggest a-hole posting here.".... "by far".
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PostSubject: Re: Something Stinks in Brooklyn Too   Tue Jan 06, 2015 6:46 am

Some cops are a lot better than others. That does not make any of them very good.

Walt comments in quotes:

"This is BS."

Yes it is.

"You dont go to school 2-4 yrs, start a family and do what youve always wanted to, then go out on a limb and committ career suicide saying ' J EWs did 911'! What in the hell does that accomplish now that youve been fired and cant get work?"

After a couple of years in the force they know how corrupt it is. The fact that they stay put and shut up tells you all you need to know about their character.

"Not only police work but any real work?" Garbage.

"911 was over 14 yrs ago."

So what? Does truth have a half life?

"Some younger cops were 5-7 yrs old when it happened. By one cop coming out, what in the hell difference would it make?"

It would teach that cop some worthwhile lessons.

"They are best to conduct their own research, report anonymously, become an Oathkeeper or militia member quietly as most are already black and J EW wise and bide their time. We are not at a point yet where the nation is where you and i are. We are getting there, but now isnt the time for career suicide.  Or being suicided ala Serpico style, when you get no backup from dispatch, your fellow officers or police brass..."

All the more reason to quit before you are offed by the system.

"Very white of YOU to make all these claims while you live off the dole, on Social Security."

If he does good for him. How often do you get a return on the fed notes the govt extorts from you?
No point waiting for the pension fund. Has it already gone? If not by then the Jews will make sure blacks and other races are first in line for whatever is left and  the legal system and cops will have all the laws drafted ready.

"You still didnt address one of my statements. WHAT good would it do a working Cop with a family to support to make a statement of "J EWs Did 911' ? Then lose his job or be Serpico'd?"

The lesson would be for that cop. How many cops are black or non Adamic now? Its only going to get worse.

"Much better to bide ones time, collect data, forge alliances, work with fellow cops in the meantime."

Fellow cops will sit tight and get fat on the scraps from Jew Inc. Then when ordered to kill Adamic people they will pull the trigger.

"Lastly, During Christ's day, one neednt have a job to live."

Where is that in Holy Scripture?

"Personal friend of mine got pulled over after hitting a double trifecta and $60,000 in cash. Cop asked him about it and that was it."
Good for him.

"Courts offer remedy IF you know HOW to do so. You neednt be bullied."

That is utterly ridiculous. courts are there to make money and destroy Adamic man.

Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Christianity is incompatible with Holy Scripture.
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Something Stinks in Brooklyn Too
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