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 "Penny Auctions" & "Fantasy Football": Winked-At Jew Internet Gambling

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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: "Penny Auctions" & "Fantasy Football": Winked-At Jew Internet Gambling   Thu Jan 22, 2015 4:24 am

TV plays 1,000's of ads from QuiBids.Com etc, strange permutation of EBay.  Penny Auction sites suck in shopping/gambling addicts.  All bidders pay just to bid on an item plus the sites' "penny" is actually more like 60 cents as with Quibids.

Wiki:  In November 2013, QuiBids officially re-branded itself as an entertainment retail auction site,  So, like w/Pro Wrasslin', the Jews get away with calling it "entertainment" not sports or investment/shopping.  QuiBids & it's other major competitor started off with ads featuring blonde cuties, now they feature Middle-American Moms swearing whatta great deal it is.

Suits have been filed against Penny Auctions as form of illegal gambling.

Also notable is proliferation of TV ads for fantasy football gambling.  Congress banned internet gambling but left big loophole for games where "skill" is involved.  Article below mentions that apologists for fantasy football gambling cite prev court approval for video poker.  Kinda like how Family Guy notes how it's illegal to pay women for sex but completely legal if it's included in porn movie.
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"Penny Auctions" & "Fantasy Football": Winked-At Jew Internet Gambling
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