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 Putin on the Ritz

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Bob Saget
Filet Mignon

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PostSubject: Re: Putin on the Ritz   Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:19 am

FrontierJustice wrote:
Bob Saget wrote:
Russian jets just breezed the English channel. What Jews need more than anything is white countries fighting white countries, Arab countries fighting white countries, Mexico fighting America, etc.

How can anyone that really knows whats going on right now risk a nuclear war before exposing the jews who are the cause of all the mayhem?

This is all by jew design and Putin is talking about "Nazis".

Im sorry I aint buyin it.

I've developed a sort of simplified view of Putin: if he's as genuine and chess-grandmaster as people say, he'll prove it by keeping Russia out of WWIII. If he can do that, he'll beat the jews. If he can't, then he has played the jew role. Some will say, "yeah but in the meantime Syria, Ukraine, Iran are in the crossfire." Well yeah, that's the jews at work. If Putin can play master chess on those issues and keep Russia out of direct confrontation with America, America will overextend itself and pay the price, and it'll be left for Americans to have to deal with it, a sort of poetic justice. If Putin's for real he'd be smart enough to know this.

By default, looking out for his own people (preventing WWIII) means looking out for the rest of the world. What if Hitler had done things different (though Germans saved as much of Europe as they could from the bolshevik beast) -- jews might not have ended up with the power they now have. Think about what they could further divvy up after a devastated Russia and America.

Either way he will be forced into war and we will never know what the limit is to be forced into a war. Best way to avoid a war is kick the jews the **** out of your country. Then shut the doors. If that creates a war it will be a war worth fighting.
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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: Re: Putin on the Ritz   Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:30 am

laconas wrote:
At least half of CC are subsidized. Not a bad option for many kids.

Could be, I dunno. Many kids take courses from parental pressure to 'get some education'. But seems that list of jobs a 2-yr CC degree actually qualifies for is fairly slim plus applying CC credits to a 4-yr school is chancy.
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Putin on the Ritz
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