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 Swastikas on Synagogues

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Bob Saget
Filet Mignon

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PostSubject: Swastikas on Synagogues   Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:22 am

Hebrew for Magen David should appear here.
Magen David

Variety of 6 pointed stars should appear here.

    The evolution of the six-pointed Jewish star, the Magen David," literally the "Shield of David, also known as the hexagram, or more rarely, *Solomon's Seal, is long and complex. Although it is now the most common and universally recognized sign of Judaism and Jewish identity, both within and outside of the Jewish community, it has only achieved this status in the last two hundred years. Before that it was chiefly associated with magic or with the insignia of individual families or communities. Yet despite its equivocal history, Jews have long been attracted to this design and have sought to ascribe to it venerable origins.  In our own day, its universal Jewish popularity, especially as the symbol of the State of Israel, has made the question of its origins moot.

  Because of its geometric symmetry, the hexagram has been a popular symbol in many cultures from earliest times. Anthropologists claim that the triangle pointing downward represents female sexuality, and the triangle pointing upward, male sexuality; thus, their combination symbolizes unity and harmony. In alchemy, the two triangles symbolize *"fire" and *"water"; together, they represent the reconciliation of opposites. Some medieval alchemists even borrowed the talmudic punish mayim, fiery water, and shamayim , heaven - to demonstrate the interpenetration of the two realms. 1 Because if this symbolism, the hexagram was even used occasionally as the emblem displayed above a brandy shop.

  The earliest known Jewish use of the hexagram was as a seal in ancient Israel (6th century B.C.E.) and then eight centuries later in a *synagogue frieze in Capernaum. But these early hexagrams may have been only ornamental designs; ironically, a swastika, another popular ancient motif, appears alongside the hexagram on the Capernaum synagogue wall. In the Middle Ages, hexagrams appear frequently on churches, but rarely in synagogues or on Jewish ritual objects. It was the *menorah that served as the primary Jewish symbol from antiquity until the post-Renaissance period, not the " Jewish star."

  Although scholars have attempted to trace the Star of David back to King David himself; to Rabbi Akiva and the Bar Kokhba ("son of the star") rebellion (135 C.E.); or to *kabbalists, especially Rabbi Isaac Luria (16th century), no Jewish literature or artifacts document this claim. Rather, all evidence suggests that the early use of the hexagram was limited to "practical Kabbalah," that is, Jewish magic, probably dating back to the 6th century C.E. Legends connect this symbol with the "Seal of Solomon," the magical signet signet *ring used by King Solomon to control demons and spirits. 2 Although the original ring was inscribed with the Tetragrammaton, the sacred Four-Letter *Name of God, medieval *amulets imitating this ring substituted the hexagram or pentagram (five-pointed star), often accompanied by rampant *lions, for the sacred Name. The star inscribed on these rings was usually called the "Seal of Solomon."

contd on jew site

Star of David- 13 colonies

13 colonies of stars inside the cross of Andrew

Now you have to ask, did Jews discover America? Did white people control the Black slave trade? Did the Germans kill the Polish intelligentsia at Katyn? Did Palestinians bomb the King David hotel? Did Arabs bomb the WTC? Do white people come from the pure race of Jews or do Jews come from the pure race of whites?

If there is a Jew star next to a swastika in 600 (corrected) BC are Masons also Nazi's?

Why would we believe anything Jews say at all. If they claim something is theirs should we believe them? They stole our names and claim they are us, why would you ever trust a Jew on anything?

Was George Washington really a Jew or a dumb brainwashed lemming that had no knowledge of Jews? Were all the founding fathers of America, none which can be proven to be Jews, all really Jew stooges? Were all our ancestors stooges even when Judeo Christianity didnt even exist? Was every great leader that threw Jews out of his country also a Jew stooge or are most of us here today the stooges?

Lastly, can two similar symbols be symbols of 2 different things? Could someone destroy a symbol because they claim it is hate? A symbol is just a symbol, but if that symbol is seen with the wrong people they will have some explaining to do. What do you think Jesus thought of this star on a synagogue in Capernaum? Did he miss it? He could have done away with 2 evil symbols right there and then.

The swastika is also known as a Tetragrammaton

It really comes down to this, one of us is an impostor and one of us doesnt know our own history. They can be who they want and make you whoever they want, if they parade Jesus in your face with a hooked nose by the right person well, you'll believe that too.

Hollywood is modern day symbolism

Was Columbia named after Columbus? Did Columbus discover America? We all know that is ludicrous. Colum or Colm means "dove" or "peace" it is the same word as Salaam in Arabic or (sorry) "Shalom" in Hebrew. "bia" is a greek suffix meaning "life" like "phobia" it is not like Arabia or Britannia because Arab already has a b in it and Britania or Brittanae is never Brittainabia. Columbia does not mean the life of Columbus it means "peaceful life". The land of peaceful life not the kike Columbus. Why would a bunch of Brits name their new country for a kike out of Spain in 1492 when these Brits obviously knew they had been coming there possibly 2000 years before 1492? Doesnt make any sense at all.

Did Jews make those ships and sail them to America then too? Give it up if you believe that. It is almost as ridiculous as America being named after Americus Vespucci. I suppose a guy named Amorica was also named after a Jewish Italian too (also of the House of Medici). People are going to have to get the real truth and dump all this Jewish tripe.

Melvin "Columcille" Gerard Gibson.... Columcille might as well be "David" because they both mean "dove" or the dove that symbolized "well being" or peace and love to Noah. Today in Welsh or Gaelic without vowels it is Dwd or Dvd (not the video disc), Dfd or Dbd or Dgwd (they changed that to Dafydd in Welsh) like Dewed or Dewey, Dewyd, almost the word "dude" in some circumstances  or Dewdd. So the next time a Jew calls you "dude"

think about the words Jews use to your advantage.

Hebrew is English, Gaelic, Latin and every white language there is and we trust the Jews instead of our own investigations. Since when? One example is Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwyneth means "fair", "white" and is in hundreds of Welsh names, but Gwyneth isnt white, she is a Jewess

Are Jews white too? Jews use words, symbols, wtf they can to dupe you. Just say no to the jew and look for the truth.
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PostSubject: Re: Swastikas on Synagogues   Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:03 am

Bob Saget wrote:
"bia" is a greek suffix meaning "life" like "phobia" it is not like Arabia or Britannia because Arab already has a b in it and Britania or Brittanae is never Brittainabia. Columbia does not mean the life of Columbus it means "peaceful life". The land of peaceful life not the kike Columbus. Why would a bunch of Brits name their new country for a kike out of Spain in 1492 when these Brits obviously knew they had been coming there possibly 2000 years before 1492? Doesnt make any sense at all.


Arrival in Albion and Colonization of the Country as "Brit-ain" about 1103 B.C.

"The island was then called Albion,2 and was inhabited by a few 'giants.' Notwithstanding this, the pleasant places, plenty of rivers abounding in fish, and its pleasing woods made Brutus and his company desirous to fix their habitation in it. They therefore passed through all the provinces, forced the 'giants' to fly into the caves of the mountains, and divided the country among them according to the directions of their commander.

"After this they began to till the ground and build houses, so that in a little time the country looked like a place long inhabited. At last Brutus called the island after his own name 'Brit-ain' and his companions 'Brit-o-ns' . . . from whence afterwards the language of his nation, which at first bore the name of Trojan [Doric] or rough Greek, was called 'British.'

Brutus the Dardanian "The Trojan" 1st King of Briton

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Bob Saget
Filet Mignon

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PostSubject: Re: Swastikas on Synagogues   Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:14 pm

If Jews hate a symbol or love a symbol it should be of no relevance ever. If Jews cry or laugh I dont care. They are here to destroy- period.

The name Britain comes from the word Bright  or Barat

Jews love to pervert words.

It was named before there were vowels and letters got mixed up especially P's and b's, w's, v's, f's, and gw's. Britain is definitely related to "pyro" or fire. Bereiti in German or bereid in Dutch, paratus in Latin and a slew of other words come from this word Britain. The word brigand is tied in with "pirate" (which later on took on a different meaning) but all related. Paratus- ready, aflame, bright. "Ready" comes from the Gaelic word "reidh" Welsh its "Barod", Italian "pronto".

It goes on and on and on.

Same word for Brigit a huge Irish name. Why do we spell bright with a gh? Why isnt it brite? Because words have a history and can be traced.

We could also spell Bridget with a d and then we are getting into the word pontus and right back to Phoenician. A pontoon or a Pontiff is a bridge of some sort and is named after Phoenicians who were Britts (in any language you want).

And now full circle back to Fiona, bianca, vienna, Venetian, Phoenician............"Venice"

The name of the city in Albanian is Berat or Berati, which is probably derived from the Old Bulgarian Бѣлградъ or Bel(i)grad (Белград, meaning "white city" in the South Slavic languages), under which name it was known in Greek, Bulgarian, Latin and Slavic documents during the High and Late Middle Ages. That name was rendered as Bellegrada (Βελλέγραδα) in Greek. It is believed to have been the site of an Ancient Macedonian stronghold, Antipatreia (Ancient Greek: Ἀντιπάτρεια "city of Antipater") or Antipatrea in Latin, while during the early Byzantine Empire the name of the town was Pulcheriopolis (Greek: Πουλχεριόπολις, "city of Pulcheria").[4][5] In the Republic of Venice the city was known as Belgrad di Romania, while in the Ottoman Empire it was also known as Belgrad-i Arnavud (Albanian Belgrade) to distinguish it from Belgrade.[4]

Never knew that about Belgrade did you? Alba means white too. The left hand doesnt know what the right is doing because Jews are in the middle.

Odd that many sources say Phoenicians were Shemitic and others claim they were Canaanites. How many Canaanites do we know biologically in early Europe? None. If Phoenicians were Shemitic and Jews are supposedly Shemitic then it was Jews who discovered Europe in most standards today because nobody knows the difference, but when you figure out Jews cant be Shemites in a million years the fog starts to clear.

Fog, another interesting word. All of these words come from people who did things, Jews dont do things they steal things.

Belgrade was Bigrade or Biograde- be ready, pirate- be ready, bereiti in German- be ready. Bel probably became pale, like palido in Spanish, German its blass (the word is there the vowels arent, bal laas), Polish blady. We seem to have a baal, pale thing going on.

just check out the first 3 minutes. This Black woman says Baal is the white man. She may just be right on that one thing, but in the wrong way. Baal was indeed the white Gods, Hercules, Melqart, Jupiter, Thor, Toranis, possibly all the same God. She must think Jews are white too.

Beal Name Meaning. English (of Norman origin): from Old French bel(e) 'fair', 'lovely'

There is a river "Beal" which is either raging torrent or the unlikely Bee - hill, maybe its just White water rapids.

Lots of words can be related to Bel, Bul, Bol, Bal and Bil and the root word of white keeps coming up.

Since the early 20th century it has been commonly accepted that Old Irish Beltaine is derived from a Common Celtic *belo-te(p)niâ, meaning "bright fire". The element *belo- might be cognate with the English word bale (as in bale-fire) meaning "white" or "shining"; compare Old English bael, and Lithuanian/Latvian baltas/balts, found in the name of the Baltic; in Slavic languages byelo or beloye also means "white", as in Беларусь (White Russia or Belarus) or Бе́лое мо́ре (White Sea). A more recent etymology by Xavier Delamarre would derive it from a Common Celtic *Beltinijā, cognate with the name of the Lithuanian goddess of death Giltinė, the root of both being Proto-Indo-European *gʷelH- ("suffering, death").[50]

In Ó Duinnín's Irish dictionary (1904), Beltane is referred to as Céadamh(ain) which it explains is short for Céad-shamh(ain) meaning "first (of) summer". The dictionary also states that Dia Céadamhan is May Day and Mí Céadamhan is the month of May.
Beltany stone circle in Ireland'


There are a number of place names in Ireland containing the word Bealtaine, indicating places where Bealtaine festivities were once held. It is often anglicized as Beltany. There are three Beltanys in County Donegal, including the Beltany stone circle, and two in County Tyrone. In County Armagh there is a place called Tamnaghvelton/Tamhnach Bhealtaine ("the Beltane field"). Lisbalting/Lios Bealtaine ("the Beltane ringfort") is in County Tipperary, while Glasheennabaultina/Glaisín na Bealtaine ("the Beltane stream") is the name of a stream joining the River Galey in County Limerick.[citation needed]

Looks like that English Beal hill stream or river isnt really "bee hill" because the Irish were in England too.

Bulgaria, Balkan, Baltic, Bela Rus, etc. Bellum in Italian means "war", who were their wars with? Phoenicians. What does Belgium mean, duh people who live in Belgium, no ehhh what does it mean? Its where the Belgae came from. No, what does it mean? I dooooont knooooow.

Belfast comes from the word Belfarsad or Bealfarsad, they claim it means mouth of the sandbar or something. It looks to me as the same name as Fenius Farsaid- Fenius or Phinehas has always meant white. Why would the prefix bel change now when all the other bels and beals *(and whistles) mean white?

Fénius Farsaid (also Phoeniusa, Phenius, Féinius; Farsa, Farsaidh, many variant spellings) is a legendary king of Scythia who shows up in different versions of Irish folklore. No he was not a son of Gog, he was a Phoenician- duuuuh its in his name for God sakes.

Look up Phineas or Phinehas and look what word comes up quicker than duck doo

He was displeased with the immorality with which the Moabites and Midianites had successfully tempted the people (Numbers 25:1-9) to inter-marry and to worship Baal-peor, so he personally executed an Israelite man and a Midianite woman while they were together in the man's tent, running a javelin or spear through the man and the belly of the woman. His action brought an end to a plague said to have been sent by God to punish the Israelites for sexually intermingling with the Midianites.

Just goes on and on.
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PostSubject: Re: Swastikas on Synagogues   

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Swastikas on Synagogues
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