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 Does this mean the end of oil is coming?

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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: Does this mean the end of oil is coming?   Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:02 pm

UK and Iceland consider setting up undersea electricity pipeline
The UK and Iceland are to discuss the creation of an undersea electricity pipeline between the two countries to supply power to British homes.

The Times reports that Iceland’s volcanoes – among some of the most active in the world – could be supplying power to British homes within seven years under the proposals.
The Prime Minister is attending a two-day summit at the Northern Future Forum is Reykjavik with fellow leaders from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Iceland.
Mr Cameron will meet with his Icelandic counterpart Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson to discuss closer energy cooperation between the two countries.
Building on a 2012 agreement between the UK and Iceland, the two leaders are expected to establish a new Energy Task Force that will explore the idea of an interconnector channelling the export of hydro and geothermal-generated electricity from Iceland to the UK.
The interconnector would take between seven and ten years to be constructed and would involve some 1200km of undersea cabling.

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Does this mean the end of oil is coming?
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