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 The hard part of figuring it all out...

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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: The hard part of figuring it all out...   Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:17 am

Fake Identities, how common are they? 

BY Michele Mcphee


Sunday, April 19, 1998, 12:00 AM

Christopher Robin doesn't want a new life. He just wants a new identity. He's a millionaire real estate mogul who dates models and wears handmade Belgian shoes. He lives in a lavish loft in Manhattan and drives a custom-made truck. But even the wealthy can wind up with a bad credit rating. So Robin is buying himself a new identity, and clean credit, from a terminally ill AIDS patient. Robin (not his real name, of course) is one of a growing number of New Yorkers who have buried the past and reinvented the future as another person one without a psychotic spouse, bad credit rating or a rap sheet. "If you are willing to pay [for] the end years of a terminally ill man's life, you can just take over his identity," Robin says. "Why wouldn't they let you run around with their name for ten or fifteen thousand dollars? "Buying a name from a dying man is just an avenue for creating a new identity that a lot of people have not thought of yet.
" With the help of some cash and a new birth certificate, driver's license, Social Security number and passport, almost anyone can create their own witness-protection program. The reasons for obtaining a new identity are as eclectic as the names people assume. Teenagers use fake IDs to pass as legal drinkers. Illegal aliens use them to secure jobs. Schemers use them to kite checks and defraud state welfare agencies. Fugitives and terrorists allude authorities with new names. No matter what the reason, experts say, New York is the perfect place to be reborn. "New York is ideal for people seeking anonymity because you can come and go and no one will know," says former homicide detective Bo Dietl, who now runs the city's largest private investigative firm. "You never meet your next-door neighbor," he says. "No one notices you on the street. It's very simple to disappear here.
" Robin was born Christopher Lynch in 1952 to wealthy Manhattan parents. When he was seven, his parents went through a bitter divorce, and his mother, who was awarded custody, insisted her son use her maiden name. Throughout his childhood, he was known as Christopher Raven. But when he was a teenager, his father died, and as a sign of respect, Christopher began to call himself a Lynch again. Then, when he was in his 30s, he and his wife were divorced. It was an ugly, expensive breakup that left him with a scarred credit history and a bitter taste in his mouth whenever his ex-wife spit out his name. So he changed it again this time with the help of a lawyer, who opened a checking account and secured a credit card under the name Christopher Robin. After a few months of mail coming to one of his homes addressed to Robin, he managed to get a Social Security number and then a driver's license with his new name. He said what he is doing is all on the up-and-up he pays taxes on all of his identities. "You can use any name you want, you can call yourself Halami Salami," Robin/Lynch/Raven said. "Just pay your taxes, all your taxes, and whatever debt you have, and you are not defrauding anyone.
" For decades, gangsters have shed their old lives for new ones with the government's help after ratting out their criminal cronies. However, the government is notoriously close-mouthed about how they execute each disappearace. Workaday types obtain new IDs the old-fashioned way, by scouring graveyards looking for dead people who were born around the same time they were. They take the name and date of birth to the nearest county clerk's office and say they need a duplicate birth certificate. Then they use the birth certificate to apply for a Social Security number, making sure all these new documents are mailed to the same address. Next, they apply for a driver's license. Finally, with all of the other documents in order, comes the ultimate new ID card: a U.
S. passport. "There is no cross-reference for all of these documents," Dietl says. "When I am looking for someone, I usually find they have two or three Social Security cards.
" Lovell Brigham, a spokeswoman for the Social Security Adminstration, says getting a fake ID number is not as easy as people think. She says more than 86 percent of the agency's criminal convictions in 1997 were based on Social Security number fraud. "There is a lot of fraud going on with Social Security numbers," Brigham says. "But it's not as simple as it used to be.
" Replacement cards, Brigham says, are now made with specially designed pre-printed banknote paper, which is more difficult to duplicate. For those with less time and cash, Times Square used to be a viable resource for buying fake IDs, but those stores were swept out with the rest of the sleaze as part of Mayor Guiliani's quality-of-life initiative. "The traditional sources for buying bogus documents, like sleazy novelty stores, are gone, but the rise of the computer age has made it easier to fabricate documents," says Manhattan chief of detectives for the NYPD, Kevin Farrell. He's right. A scan of the Internet found companies such as Global Money Consultants of Greece, which claims it can help you bury your past and create a new, "tax-free" future. Elite International Services of Canada goes a step farther: It says it can get you a diplomatic appointment. "People should remember, though, that assuming a new identity sounds very exotic, and it can be done without too much of problem, but it would be hard to make it stand up," Farrell warns. But that's not stopping an influx of how-to books from appearing on bookshelves all over the country. The most popular one, a manager at the Chelsea Barnes and Noble says, is "How to Create a New Identity.
" The author? Anonymous. For those working the other side of the street, there are also books on how to find lost souls, like "Find Them Fast, Find Them Now: Private Investigators Share Their Secrets for Finding Missing Persons.
" Cops didn't need to consult the book when they found Aubrey Cox hiding out in Harlem last month. They just followed the trail of his disability checks. Cox, a 75-year-old grandfather and former Manhattan building superintendent who escaped from a Virginia chain gang in 1956, was a fugitive living in New York for more than 40 years under the assumed name Curtis Brown. Even his wife, who married him two years after he bolted from the chain gang, didn't know her husband's real name. "His brother and sister used to call him Aubrey," Elizabeth Brown says. "Me being young and from the South, I thought it was a nickname.
" For cops, it was better than a nickname: It was the name on those disability checks that "Curtis Brown" was cashing. Not everyone who assumes another identity is trying to buck the system. Battered women often go underground to escape their tormenters. Immigrants often "Ellis Island-ize" their names simply because Americans have trouble pronouncing them. But for almost everyone who disappears for a suspicious reason, there is a common thread that binds them loneliness. That loneliness usually blows their cover. "Everyone wants to talk to their mommies," Dietl says. That's usually how we find them, when they make contact with friends or family.
" But no new identity is foolproof. Even Sammy (The Bull) Gravano, who took down Dapper Don John Gotti by ratting him out, could have his government-issued cover blown. "Sammy the Bull is wearing a disguise and has changed his physical appearance, and of course he is law-abiding," Farrell says. "But if he went back to his criminal ways and was picked up by local authorities, or even if he got into a car accident, he is going to raise some eyebrows. "There are a lot of people who do disappear," he adds. "The trick is to stay disappeared.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: Re: The hard part of figuring it all out...   Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:19 am

Death (or incarceration) Hoaxes

Paul Walker Hoax – Girlfriend Rolls in Laughter over His Death
Other Hoaxes Paul Walker Hoax — 06 December 2013

Paul Walker Hoax – Girlfriend Rolls in Laughter over His Death
Like the Michael Hastings hoax the claim of an actual car accident where Paul Walker, along with a purported male companion, came to a death in a fiery inferno: this, too, is a fraud.
Fans are grieving over him. They have been caught up into a fraud.
Regardless, how did this car get to where it rested? There is not even an iota of footage of any kind showing it in motion. There is no footage of a crash. All that is available is CCTV footage showing a lamp pole being cut down and the tree in motion, which, then, springs back.

Sixty seconds later there is smoke. It billows, as if there is a man-made fire, the same kind of smoke seen in incendiary fires from accelerants, including pyrotechnics.

That kind of smoke occurring as an initiation before the fire is typical of the use of pyrotechnics as well as smoke machines.

See how this has such a wide diameter? See also the color of white and pale yellow? This is typical of Hollywood-style accelerants containing magnesium salts. No explosion of a gas tank behaves this way. There is no white hot-burning metal salts in such a tank. Moreover, what would cause a gas tank to explode, a rather thin tree that doesn’t even impact the front end? It the tree hit the gas tank? It is all a sick joke.
The story just seems to bizarre. A car that is stalling which is, then, taken out for a test evaluation? Then, this essentially parking lot fire occurs? At 100 mph? Where? In the parking lot? Moreover, like the Hastings scam it ends up on the median? This could easily have been faked, and there is no photography of any kind to prove otherwise, none showing the two men in the car slamming into the light pole or tree.
Regardless, how could this happen except under exceedingly high-speed: in a stalling car? This isn’t even a road. Rather, this is a parking lot:

Did their test drive involve going 120 mph in a parking lot?
Moreover, why is the hood popped open? It was not smashed. So, therefore, that popping open had to be done by the plotters.

Caption: there is not a single crimp in that hood.
The evidence offered by the collaborators at the media is flimsy to say the least, a lamp pole than comes down, a tree that shakes, and billows of smoke 50 seconds after the ‘crash.’

It has the appearance as if someone simply cut or unbolted the lamp-post, with it then falling by gravity. Note also the cement abutment or barrier, so that no one could see what was going on: Carefully selected.
Yet, there is one video which offers proof of the hoax. This is the video of the associates of Walker, his purported 22 year-old girlfriend and various male friends. They have been caught smiling and laughing in glee over this, which proves this is a fabrication.
The alternative is unlikely, which is that they were happy to see him dead. More likely, this crash is an elaborate fake and the laughing/smiling cohorts and girlfriend are collaborators.
Did the camera-person allow the hoax to be exposed on purpose, realizing, as in the case of fraudster Robbie Parker, that this was a terminal fraud, a hoax and farce to the most extreme degree and, therefore, allowed the extra footage? Or, was it an accident, and no one reviewed it. The only thing that isn’t an act is when he is caught guffawing, laughing in glee and jest at, as she presumed, “getting away with it.”
Just why Walker faked his death has yet to be determined. Even so, with this also happening in the Hastings hoax there is obviously a motive for Zionist-operated Hollywood to perpetrate this, obviously a plot in mind.
It appears someone solemn enough. Yet, it is not. It’s a fake, proven, here. Even so, in most of the pictures like the Nairobi mall hoaxers there is always a cell phone in hand. The sad look, here, on the woman and the serious look on the man in red are fakes, proven, here.

Even with such pictures what in the world does this have to do with the price of red beans? Two fabricators having a tail-gate party on the man’s stiff corpse? Plenty of ice and drinks to go around.

This photo represents her best act, the only one that is even reasonably believable: no tears, though.

According to the DailyDud (Mail):
It has emerged that when Jasmine, who was present at the fateful charity event in Santa Clarita Saturday, learned of the crash, the woman collapsed.
Eyewitness Jim Torp told Hollywood Life in an interview that he was the one who broke to terrible news to the college student.
‘Paul’s girlfriend was standing next to me when I got the phone call,’ Torp told the magazine. ‘When I told her what happened she fell, she collapsed.’
Note: Torp is lying.

Does Jasmine Pilchard Gosnel look like she’s anywhere near collapsing from anything? Regardless, that body language alone proves the fraud. What is she doing at the family home milling around like this, standing by and sitting on the back flap of a pick up truck?
Here is Plitchard-Gosnel seemingly well-disguises. Someone sees their scamming and decides to film it. She reveals it all through her expressions. Nodisinfo didn’t  prove the fraud: she did.

A pretty good smile and or smirk. Another Robbie Parker?

Not just laughing: rolling in laughter:

Rolling means what it implies, Rocking and Rolling, they’re heads moving up and all the way down:

They are both laughing and grinning from ear-to-ear.

The man, in fact, is out of his mind in laughter over the whole gig, knowing full well that they are scamming people into thinking that Walker really died. His reputation is at stake. They must do a good job, which they did with that lamp pole artificially cut down and the shaking tree. How they did this is unknown. Yet, the fire: that is easy. It was Hollywood pyrotechnics.
Once they realize they are on camera the man disappears and she recedes back and quits the smiling, laughing, and smirking. Here is that ‘after being caught’ fake eye and nose swipe as if actually tearful. It only happens after the realize the cameras are rolling.

Awful happy and smiley for a woman who is busted up in grief, according to the DailyMail and other Zionist-held publications, crying profusely in despair. The man-friend cannot restrain himself. He is so full of laughter at the hoax that he is forced to look down.

There can be no doubt about the fact that with this tail-gate party they were hooting it up. Walker has quite a network of supporters. Clearly, the man is filled with laughter plus, possibly, tears, the other kind.

‘Whoops, we’re on camera now. Oh, no. How do we get out of this?

Time for another fake face/eye swipe.

A fake howl and wail, too.

No doubt about it she is faking an eye swipe, faking as if she is grieving. So, when the Zionist-controlled media protests about how dire is her despair, feel not bad, human race: cry not over her plight – or the plight of Walker himself – or his family. There isn’t one. They are faking it.
There are plenty of people, real people, who die in fiery accidents. There faking of this is a travesty to all those who truly do suffer such an end.
Now, the man has to react to being caught, and he does so just as ‘dramatically’ (no pun intended):

Moreover, here it is, the Sandy Hook hand over the mouth act, back to haunt the world. No one can deny it. The Walker friends and loved ones are a part of this, faking Walker’s death on his behalf.

Truly sophomoric, they were hiding in those bushes and couldn’t wait to explode in laughter, hiding, just as good moles do.

The claim for the death of Walker and his friend,  Roger Rhodes, is a total fake and a fraud. They are still alive, somewhere. Why he did it remains yet to be discovered.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: Re: The hard part of figuring it all out...   Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:20 am

Is big money/high finance involved?

My Theory On What Happened at Sandy Hook Part I

My Theory On What Happened at Sandy Hook Part I

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

There is a reason that we have very little information on the Lanza's.... You wonder why there are no photographs of them as a family? .... There is a very logical explanation for this....

First, I am going to post a few questions.... Then, through the theory, I am going to attempt to ANSWER these questions.

[list="list-style-type: decimal;"]
[*]Why are there no family photos?
[*]Why is there no information on Ryan and Adam's past?
[*]Why are there no yearbook photos of Adam?
[*]Why is the BMW included in the sealed warrants?
[*]Why did Adam have Ryan's ID?
[*]How did the police know to go to Nancy Lanza's house so fast?
[*]Why are there Men in Black at Sandy Hook?
[*]What is the significance of the "nuns?"
[*]Why do the parents show very little emotion?
[*]What is the Greenberg connection?
[*]Why do we have so many false reports from the media?
[*]Why do the people of SH not demand the truth?
[*]Why are all of the Honda doors left open?
[*]Why do the children seem so calm in the interviews?
[*]Why did Nancy Lanza have such powerful guns?
[*]Why have Peter and Ryan disappeared?

Nancy Lanza went on a vacation to the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire. She checked into the luxury resort at 12:10 pm Tuesday, December 11 following a five-hour drive from Newtown, Connecticut. She stayed there for three days, and checked out on Thursday, December 13 at 12:27 pm, the day before the massacre.

It was Wednesday night, Dec. 12, 2012, 36 hours before the rampage. She sent a Facebook message from the fancy dining room to friend, John Bergquist. In it, Lanza describes how she is dining next to a finely dressed couple — with tattoos poking out of their evening wear.

"A shimmery evening dress looks less formal with daggers and skulls peeking out," Lanza wrote to Bergquist. "Be forewarned," she added as a joke, "tattoo girl has talked me into a dragon tattoo."

So Nancy was indeed having a conversation with this couple. I think that this couple is directly involved in the events of 12/14/12.

Peter Lanza works in the financial tax sector and has been involved in various high profile dealings. It is MY theory that Peter Lanza became involved in some rather hush-hush dealings and had inside information in regards to certain clientele.

It is MY theory that the Lanza's were all placed in witness protection. They were given new identities and had all of their personal possessions removed. Their entire history was erased. In regards to the time frame of this happening, I am not sure yet.

I believe that Peter and Nancy were forced to split up during this time and each were given new back stories. Peter was placed with a new wife. His new wife was also working with the protection program.

This would explain her lack of social outings as well. They were forced to "lay low" to avoid anyone compromising their facade.

This would also explain why Peter Lanza and his new wife seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. His location and identity has been compromised.

It is my belief that Nancy and Peter would occasionally meet up at some secluded locations. This would explain Nancy's various vacations each to a different location for days at a time.

Adam and Ryan were both instructed to lay low as well. This would explain Adam's lack of social skills. This would also explain why Adam had no yearbook photos taken.

Nancy Lanza, being estranged from Peter, was in constant fear for her safety. This would explain why she had such an interest in guns. Just wait..... This part gets better.....

Mark Tambascio, owner of the My Place Pizza & Restaurant in Newtown, which Nancy Lanza frequented, and a friend of hers since 1999, said a retired police officer instructed Nancy in the use of her firearms. How convenient.... Of course it would be an ex law enforcement officer that is now employed with the witness protection service.

Back to the spa..............

I believe that Nancy was followed to the spa and the couple she was having dinner conversation with, were sent there to confront her. She was obviously close enough to have conversation. I believe she was later approached by these two individuals and was either drugged or kidnapped. She was then placed in her BMW and the couple drove back to her house with her in the car. I believe that the car does indeed contain some sort of physical evidence pointing to these two individuals. Remember that her BMW has automatic seats that remember your settings.... I believe that these settings were changed to facilitate a more comfortable position for a different driver. This is just one of many possible clues to the BMW being driven by someone besides Nancy.

I believe this couple then gained entry to the house and forced Adam to destroy his harddrive in fear for his mothers life. Adam was VERY close to his mother and being in the protection program, he knew that he was dealing with some very serious individuals. He was willing to do ANYTHING to protect his mother.

Nancy was having a hard time being separated from Ryan and Peter so she kept the only photograph she could get ahold of without the witness protection people knowing.... His drivers license. It would be very easy for Ryan to slip it to her in one of their casual meetings. She would keep the drivers license in plain view so she could see her other son as often as she wanted.

Adam knew how much his mother loved Ryan and the drivers license.... Her also knew that if this couple somehow found THEM, that they could also be looking for Ryan as well. Adam had an opportunity to grab the ID and hide it in order to avoid these people finding it and trying to get to Ryan. Adam grabbed the ID and put it in his pocket. TA-DA!!!!

I believe that they gathered the weapons and forced Adam to get in the black Honda. At this point, I believe one of them took the opportunity to kill Nancy. They used the .22 to avoid it being very loud.

At this point, Adam still believed his mother was still alive and he was following their orders.

The couple then forced Adam to drive to the school in the black Honda with them in the car as well.

Why was Sandy Hook Elementary chosen?...... Do you need another RED pill or are you still ok?

Newtown is a haven for people in the witness relocation program. That is why they cannot come public against the reports. They are still in hiding.

Sandy Hook Elementary has absolutely NO web presence prior to 12/14/12. It is MY theory that Sandy Hook Elementary was used extensively by people in the witness protection program as a "safe haven". I think the teachers were aware as well. I believe the teachers also worked for the witness protection program. I think they modified what a "normal" school day would be into something of their own liking. It has been reported that these kids had various types of security drills every month. No normal school does this. These kids were taught how to hide because the program wanted to ensure their safety.

I think they encouraged the children to actually spend their recess time in the interior courtyard for their own protection. That would explain the poor upkeep and lack of playground equipment. These kids only knew this one school so why would they question it?

This school was located down a long road away from prying eyes. It was very well secluded. This would be a perfect location for school kids not wanting to be seen.

There are children in the school whose families have been relocated for various reasons. While most of the children were more than likely just regular students, I believe that a few of them were indeed part of the program. These children were also targeted by the two individuals. Why?....... I believe that someone on the "inside" of the program leaked some very vital information to someone and these children also became targets. I am not sure what roles they all played. But I believe that some of the children who were killed were children belonging to others in protection. These would be the families that have not come forward to do any interviews.

The families that HAVE come forward are unaware of the program and it's participants. These families were unfortunately just collateral damage. It would have been too obvious to just kill the children of known witnesses.

I'm not sure if all of the witnesses were connected to the same Lanza dealing or not.

I believe that these people were dressed as clergy and they were indeed either buzzed into the front door with Adam by their side or they got there a lot earlier than is reported. (more on this later) Adam was drugged and was very lethargic. They had to open the back doors of the Honda in order to drag him out of the car. The clothes they were wearing prior to changing into the clergy outfits were in the backseat and got pulled out of the car along with Adam. After they were buzzed in, they said they needed help with this young man. At this point, the principal came out of the conference room to find out what the problem was. This is when the individuals shot her.

One of them then took Adam and went for the office in order to turn on the intercom to create confusion. This is when the school nurse saw the feet of someone.

They were able to get the intercom turned on and they then proceed to head for the exact classroom that they KNEW would be unlocked...... You may ask yourself.... How did they KNOW that particular room would be unlocked...... Well here we go down the rabbit hole....

The janitor on duty that day was Rick Thorne. He was the night janitor for the school. Why they needed a night janitor such a small school has me baffled. He was filling in for the normal janitor, Kevin J. Anzelloti. How convenient....

Mr. Thorne had keys and access to the entire school. The doors were all on magnetic key locks. This has been reported by parents. It has been widely reported that Mr. Thorne was running form classroom to classroom banging on the doors to "warn" the teachers that there was a shooter inside..... I believe that Mr. Thorne, who also works for the program, was in fact, locking each door with the magnetic key and not really warning anyone.

He locked all of the doors except for the one that lead to the target(s). This would also explain why he himself was not harmed.

(We will get back to Mr. Thorne a little later)

These individuals went straight to the room that they knew housed their target(s). They popped a few cans of smoke and opened the door. They then pushed Adam into the room and shot him in the head. The kids only saw Adam because the other two were hidden by the smoke.

This would explain why some of the kids identified Adam.

These people then proceeded to look for their target(s) by asking Miss Soto which student ******* was.... She refused to answer because she was also employed by the protection program. They knew they had very limited time and in order to make sure they actually got their target, they systematically executed every student in the class.

This would also explain how they were so efficient and were able to kill 20+ in such a short time frame. There were TWO of them shooting.

After each student was believed to have been killed, they retreated out the side of the school and into a waiting van they had already parked on the other side of the hill. They did not go out via Dickenson because that would take them by the firehouse. They just vanished. But not before someone saw them getting into the van.

Now..... Back to Mr. Thorne......

Rick Thorne was the one that is reported to have made the first call to 911. This call was placed at 9:41.

I am leaning towards the fact that this entire event was over way before that. I think Mr. Thorne waited until the shooters were long gone before making any calls. This might explain how they got in. The doors did not lock until 9:30. Perhaps the shooters gained entry prior to the doors locking.

If this is the case, then I think we have found our leak from the program.... It is Mr. Thorne.

Mr. Thorne has done ZERO interviews and has not attended ANY of the special events offered to the people at the school. He did not attend the Superbowl or the Daytona 500. But Kevin Anzelotti sure did.

I believe that the police had Nancy Lanza checking in on a regular basis. She failed to check in on the morning of the 14th and that put up a red flag. Law enforcement were already at her home checking in on her when they discovered her body.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.
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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: Re: The hard part of figuring it all out...   Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:28 am

What happens when public deception is necessary to facilitate an ongoing investigation?

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

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Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: Re: The hard part of figuring it all out...   Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:31 am

What is the population of people that would give up their current identity to make a better living acting out parts in orchestrations whenever called upon?

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.
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PostSubject: Re: The hard part of figuring it all out...   

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The hard part of figuring it all out...
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