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 Paul Craig Roberts Another Jew Shill Woos!

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PostSubject: Paul Craig Roberts Another Jew Shill Woos!   Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:44 pm

I cant print this because the cuck PCRoberts wants a donation. All the shill networks push this guy as if he was "a brilliant mind", "a Patriot", "unwavering", "blood and guts" and you know what I say?

Paul you are a WOOS!

Paul helps the Jews destroy America by claiming America is hopeless, a vicious war mongering machine (not the Jews who are now running it). Julian Assange is his hero, but what has Jewlian said about 9/11?

This entire "truth movement" that is allowed to have their say and write like they are writing on the new NY Times are all the same sellouts and Jews!

Of course the paid rat shill Stadtmiller and Rivero are pushing this guy because he was once in the Reagan administration (the Jew treasury no less). Juif UFO Rense the clown loves him too. Our supposed friends are not really. It's like pushing Frank Collin because he was once in the American Nazi Party (representing the real Nazi's). Stadmiller and Rense do it by the hour.

"Hey Paul when are you going to have open phones or an open forum?"

How can so many people say "It's the Jews stupid" in so many ways and then go back to stupid over and over and over again? They need to be hog tied and flayed!

You have to ask if someone who worked for the "government" of America has been turned into being against the government (not a people) has ever really known what a government even ever was. Which government does he hate?

Me pushing Paul Craig Roberts or anyone who claimes to know anything about Jews is like me pushing David Irving or Rebecca Roth on 9/11. Why do we need these a-holes? 9/11 is no longer important because there are so many different stories about what happened and these fools have to cling to someone elses research other than their own and they dont know which one to choose. Jews always always get their people into town ahead of time to put up the false street signs. If people really knew the damage Jews do and have always done it would always be the most important issue to discuss. Everything else is totally unimportant (shall I go through the list?). Every subject affecting us stems from THE JEWS! Get over it and grow a pair!
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Paul Craig Roberts Another Jew Shill Woos!
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