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 RBN and Rense Total Cuck Networks Like the MSM

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Bob Saget
Filet Mignon

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PostSubject: RBN and Rense Total Cuck Networks Like the MSM   Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:08 pm

Stadtmiller has his phones cut off to people who know more than he does and open to a lot of Sicilian haters of the original laws of white British (Scottish, Irish, Germans, Dutch, English- yes French too because the Original French were the British as were the original Spanish/Iberians) so you can see where the Sicilians differ from the so called British and have a special disdain for American government. Why would they care about the founding fathers? They are no more sons of the founding fathers than the Jews (sorry!!!) so there is a natural compulsion to destroy and not to defend.

A couple of days ago a caller called in to say Trumps whole family was married to Jews and he cut them off like turd through a goose (Stadmaier). There is a patritotism to America and there is patriotism to jew cash, just find out which their heart is for.

By the way "cuck" is a total Alt Right term that loves new terms like "the Deeep State". Folks these are not trigger words they are "woos" words that the very same people use because they used to tell us we shouldnt use "trigger words". Juif Rense once told me when his phones were occasionally open (not anymore) when I said the word "Jews" he said "We dont use that word here we use the word Zionists". Now he has the Jew KKK on his network saying Jews 50 times a day and is still the star of the internet networks.

There is zero accountability just bells and whistles, bread and circus. I would crush any one of these morons in a debate, but they go on as if nothing has happened. We are continually told we are being too antisemitic in subtle ways, we are brash, we are too blatant etc. At the same time these are people with some serious issues in their lives (real or fabricated purposely) and in their so called groups. We need to break free of them! We need to break free of all the BS and all the BS internet owner morons! They are Talmud heads as far as we know.

They deliberately place the same old Jewish pilpilism into your minds day in and day out and dont want anyone to see how. How does one do a show on Jews one day and the rest of the week they are focused on John McCain or some other sold out fool and not discuss the Jews who control him? They do the Jews work for them and work for the Jews the rest of the week. This is America's biggest problem right now, the people who claim to know it is indeed the Jews on our internet radio networks who are teaching us not to do anything about the problem, but to sit back and listen like an old radio show.

They all know not to cross that line and tell it like it is so they continue to sell out to the people they claim they are against day in and day out. Dont give these networks or the people on them a damned dime.
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Jacob Gold
Cervelle de Veau

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PostSubject: Re: RBN and Rense Total Cuck Networks Like the MSM   Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:05 pm

Judicial Inc was vaporized ...... But Rense, Irving, duke, Stormfront, Alex Jones weren't touched
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RBN and Rense Total Cuck Networks Like the MSM
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